Origin & Mission

PNW Energetics LLC was founded in the Pacific Northwest by renewable energy advocate and mechanical engineering graduate Cameron Whalen. Cameron, a Washington State native, is committed to support, develop, innovate and collaborate with companies and industries which are motivated by environmentally sustainable, engineering solutions for the 21st Century and beyond. Specialties.


PNW Energetics is committed to improving advocacy around engineering education and is active in supporting local groups such as the Western Washington ASME and the Puget Sound Engineering Council Mentor programs. Mentoring opportunities.

Let's Get to Work!

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Prior Experience

The founder of PNW Energetics LLC, Cameron Whalen, has consciously worked to develop and be involved with strategic initiatives which pair best engineering practices with global good, education and environmental sustainability. Below are few of the experiences he has been involved with. Or... check out his current resume here.

  • Founder, Technical Lead, PNW Energetics LLC, 2016 – Present
    • Founded a technical consulting company focused on leveraging best engineering practices to enable communities of startups to collectively achieve global sustainability
    • PNW Energetics LLC, seeks out green startup companies who have requirement and strategic development needs of both a technical and non-technical nature.
    • A strong track record of leading large groups of teams in technical and non-technical
    • Specializes in the automation of heat transfer analysis techniques with scripting languages
    • Currently seeking projects

  • Chapter Chair, Western Washington ASME (WW ASME) 2018 – Present
    • Chair of local engineering society section with over 900 members
    • Emphasis on membership growth, involvement and new initiative development
    • Led multiple initiatives to establish Seattle area engineering mentorship programs for local university engineering programs
    • Invited to participate in annual American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Group Leadership Development Conference (GLDC) 2018/2019.

  • NSE, Structural Mechanics, TerraPower, Fall 2016 – Winter 2019
    • Mechanical engineering consultant and FTE for TerraPower’s Travelling Wave Reactor
    • Interfaced with systems and design group to coordinate effective analysis of components
    • Developed new heat transfer methodologies, techniques and software tools.
    • Conducted FEA, thermo-mechanical analysis of BPVC Sec. III, Div. 1 and Div. 5 components
    • Conducted static, thermal, seismic and buckling analysis of components
    • Supported design decisions with requirement driven, NQA-1 compliant, technical documentation

  • Mechatronics Lead, Tribology Capstone Project, Fall 2016 – Spring 2017
    • Led mechatronics engineering efforts for an ASTM G133 linear wear tester
    • The project served to quantify sliding friction coefficients and wear rates of material pairs
    • Worked to develop custom, single source data acquisition and function generation system to operate system drive train and sensors. Complete, open source, alternative to LabView and NI DAQ.

  • Intern, Abaqus FEA Automation with Python Scripting, TerraPower, Summer 2016
    • Internship with TerraPower LLC with a focus on novel heat transfer analysis techniques for ASME BPVC Section III, Division 5 nuclear components.

  • Technical Lead, Mechanical Design and Analysis, Fall 2015 – Spring 2016
    • Worked within constraints of a USDA grant to develop design and budget for an in-field, solar powered, walk in vegetable cooler for small farms in conjunction with SAgE Farms.
    • Developed comprehensive heat transfer model to assess design impacts of annual, heat loading on economic viability of the project
    • Developed ANSYS Fluent model to simulate transient, natural convection of the system.

  • Principal Investigator and Founder, TilthConnection (UW Bothell), Winter 2015 – Present
    • Developed an interdisciplinary team of both electrical and mechanical engineers as well as computer scientists to develop a ZigBee-based, mesh network of soil sensors.
    • Data from the sensors will be leveraged against historical soil and climate data and real-time climate data to provide horticultural recommendations to both the consumer and commercial markets using sparse-matrix algorithmic techniques.
    • Real-time feedback regarding fertilization, watering and frost prevention strategies would enable farmers to make informed, strategic decisions about soil and plant maintenance.
    • Submitted white paper proposal to Microsoft-sponsored, University of Washington Bothell (UWB) Internet of Things (IOT) Competition
    • Pursued National Science Foundation (NSF) grant funding opportunities