The Road to Long Lasting, Sustainable Solutions

PNW Energetics was founded on the belief that small steps to improve the way in which engineering is perceived and conducted can have monumental effects for generations to come.

Engineering is a beautiful tool that can be used to harness the resources of the natural world to provide great benefit to society. The practice has brought about industrial and technological revolutions that have forever changed our interaction with one another and the way in which we interact with the world around us. With that understanding, engineering like many other fields of scientific study has tremendous potential to improve billions of lives. At the same time, engineering solutions to meet one set of requirements, and stakeholder needs, can completely disregard another set of entirely legitimate requirements that have yet to be evaluated.

As a 21st Century, global community, those individuals who recognize the immense value engineering has to society must recognize the impacts that it can have on the environment beyond the immediate and obvious improvement to human life. Therefore, PNW Energetics strives to establish itself as a leader in the development of sustainable engineering practices and holistic requirement strategies that provide long lasting solutions to benefit the environment and communities of the world.

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